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The Elab Notes website has been moved to
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Important Notes
  • All your data has been moved to the new site and you won't require to create a user account again. Just log in on the new app using your previous credentials.
  • Your subscriptions and download links will remain as they were before shifting to the new website.
  • If you had previously purchased notes and were using a download authentication PIN to download the notes, you will need to log in to your user account on the new app in order to download the notes. Head over to the Account Recovery page and recover your user account by entering the email that you used when purchasing the notes on the previous website. A recovery code will be emailed to you then you can use it to set a new password for your account. If successful, log in to your user account to find all your download links coonsolidated and proceed to download the notes you need. NB: This is a one time procedure and you won't need to do it again unless you forget your password.
What's New?
  • You will now be able to add all the notes, subscription plans, revision bundles e.t.c. that you need into one shopping cart then checkout all the items at a go. Previously, you had to checkout each item individually and the process was a bit lengthy and tiresome.
  • You will now be able to get bonus revision materials including past exam papers, CATs & Assignments regardless of how you obtain the notes for a specisic module i.e whether purchased or downloaded using a subscription plan.
  • We have availed more premium notes, past exam papers as well as class lecture notes(powerpoint slides) for various units.
  • Set books, their guides and notes are now available on this app.
  • You can now subscribe to premium plans or purchase notes regardless of whether you are logged in or not. Just make sure that you use the same email in your checkouts to ensure that your data is consolidated into one account.
  • You can now generate an invoice and save it for payment on a later date.
  • Joining the elab Notes Library Community is now simpler, just provide your email and set a login password... that's it.
  • However, it's always good practice to confirm ownership of your email address immediately after registration in order to prevent anauthorized/other people from using your email address within the app.
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Coming Soon
  • We will be availing the KASNEB, KISM, CIPS notes and their past past papers on this app. However these notes & revision materials are available outside the website and you can place your request for them by contacting Us.
  • The new Competence Based Curriculum Primary School & Secondary School Notes are also coming up soon. They are also available and you can request for them, scroll down to view Our Contacts.
  • A discussion forum where you can ask academic questions and get answers from fellow students.
  • and much more.
To make any enquiries or request for any of the study materials that you need, kindly contact our Support Desk via any of the avenues displayed below.

Our Contacts

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Support Email info@elab.co.ke